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After more than 30 years of experience in the luxury car market and initially set up the company to install chargers for electric vehicles, evNation quickly realized solar and electric vehicles are complementary technologies.
They now help customers making the choice to help the environment by replacing their fossil fuel cars with clean energy EVs should be extended to include a home solar system.

The Problem

evNation approached us with a challenge:

They realized that their brand identity was not aligning with the premium quality of their products. The existing logo and website seemed basic, dated and lacked a professional touch.

The Goal

Our task was to elevate evNation’s brand image and bring it in line with the luxurious nature of their products.

The Solution

A cleaner, more modern logotype that goes in line with their vision.
New visual language to inform the user in a more engaging way.
A cutting-edge website with interactivity elements.
A custom calculator that allows their visitors to get a quick report on the potential savings they could get if they work with them.
Alfie was great at taking a problem and coming up with a creative solution. He is willing to collaborate every step of the process. He completed elaborate designs and renderings, a custom coded calculator and a beautiful, easy to use, UI. We will work with him again for many more projects!”
Athena Livadas

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