Case Study

Brand redesign + ongoing support with design and strategy for an

AI Tech Innovator

The Client

My client, an AI Tech Innovator from NYC, known for working with Fortune 500 companies to enhance their predictive analytics and decision-making capabilities, realized their brand identity was lagging behind the profile of their prestigious clients, they turned to us for help. Recognizing the need for a brand, website, and marketing collateral overhaul, they partnered with us to elevate their visual presence and marketing materials.

The Challenge

They felt their website was outdated, their brand felt generic, and their marketing and sales collateral lacked a cohesive style, making it hard to identify who they were as a company.

The Solution

We started redefining their brand by creating a distinctive and organic diagram representing their data processing. This diagram set the foundation for the concepts, colors, and styles used across their main brand and product sub-brands.
We then translated this new identity into a modern web experience and a standardized style for their documents, presentations, and ad campaigns, creating a unified message and a recognizable identity that matches their high-profile clientele.

“We cannot express enough how grateful we are for Alfie’s invaluable help. Among the numerous freelancers we spoke to, Alfie was the only one who truly grasped our message and vision.

Their understanding of our needs was exceptional. Alfie’s attentiveness throughout the project was outstanding. They were always available to address any concerns or queries we had.

Their communication style was clear, concise, and effective, ensuring that we were always on the same page. No matter the challenge, Alfie approached it with determination and creativity, finding solutions that exceeded our expectations.

We were genuinely impressed by the excellent job Alfie did. The final deliverables were exactly what we had envisioned and more. Their attention to detail and commitment to meeting our requests were truly commendable.

Thank you, Alfie, for your exceptional contributions. We highly appreciate everything you have done for us, and we cannot recommend you enough.”

Top-tier assets

with clear communication.

I’m Alfie Robles and I lead a team that integrates more closely with yours
to help you with production and creative decision-making.

We work with a very limited number of clients
to ensure quality and attention to detail.

Understand your brand

I'll take a sample of your current collateral and reimagine it to find a better way to present your brand.

Test the improved style

Once we have a new style, we start applying it to other areas: Presentations, documents, website, videos…

Standardize it all

After doing a few documents we’ll have enough material to make templates for everything, streamlining the creation of future assets.

Efficient production!

From this point on, creating new work is a breeze and your brand is clean and consistent.

I’ve partnered with 300+ businesses creating assets that helped them make millions.

Better than a

commercial subscription service

No delayed communication or language barriers

We integrate into your team and communicate through Slack, Trello, Asana or Teamwork.

Streamlined task management

With a simple form you can streamline the creation of tasks and we'll manage the rest.

Hands on? Yes! Hands off? Sure!

After doing a few documents we’ll have enough material to make templates for everything, streamlining the creation of future assets.

“Alfie & his team did an absolutely wonderful job.

He communicated well, went above & beyond to iterate back and forth on the project until we were happy, & was a pleasure to work with.

He stayed on target with our deadlines & made steady progress each day.

Unfortunately, we had some scope creep as went along artistically & he never batted an eye and was more concerned that we were happy than anything else.

He takes pride in his work & it shows in the results. We will be very proud to show our decks to our prospective clients & couldn’t have done it without him.”

Redesign of collateral for financial hedge fund.

Pricing that makes sense

Flexible, senior-level design at a fraction of the cost.

À la Carte

For startups and small companies with basic needs.

Cancel anytime.
Minimum of 10hrs paid upfront.

Part Time

For most teams with a regular workload.
Cancel anytime.
10% off on 12mo contract.

Full Time

For active companies with a high workload.
Cancel anytime.
10% off on 12mo contract.

“Alfie showcased remarkable skill in Figma, producing designs that were not only visually appealing but also perfectly aligned with our brand.

Communication with Alfie was a highlight. They were consistently responsive, open to feedback, and excellent in turning ideas into reality.

The quality of work delivered was top-notch, reflecting professionalism and creativity.

Overall, working with Alfie was a seamless and highly satisfactory experience. Their expertise in design and communication really made a difference.”

Brand and Web Strategy to improve sales.

Next steps?

In this Strategy Session we’ll focus on evaluating your current assets and production process, your problems and goals and see how Brand2 Studio can help you get better results, faster.